Moanalua Class of 2020

Since I was a freshman at Moanalua High School, I have helped with the Moanalua Graduation Ceremony (including my own graduation year up until it started). This year marked “my 20th year.” Although it was not a ceremony, and it was a lot more work to have 6 events of 80+ cars over the span of the last 3 nights, by far this was the most rewarding to help with for the students. It took a lot of people and thinking outside the box. With many different small touches like handmade lei for each student, coordinated parking, projection screens, broadcasting sound on a radio antenna, even using many disinfecting wipes and so much more, it was a lot of little details to make it safe and also great. The school staff stepped up and made it happen! And for my Disney cast member friends, I borrowed a Disney magic moment idea. With the help from the graphics teacher we created frames to make picture taking a little more fun too!

The class of 2020 has experienced something that none of us would have ever imagined happening. Although this year changed traditions and expectations, I only hope that we helped make their day as memorable as we could to celebrate all of their accomplishments and still create a once in a lifetime moment of happiness.

To the Moanalua High School Class of 2020 and all high school senior graduates – Congratulations! Live life with courage, humility, happiness and don’t forget to make your mark on the world!

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