Over the years I have been honored to help many organizations, either in my official work capacity, non-profit work or as a consultant. From educational institutions & schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, military branches, etc. I’m here to help!

I’ve worked with organizations on a number of topics/areas including:
– Organizational Change
– Leadership Goals and Vision
– “Leading with Aloha”
– Project Management
– Analysis & Process Improvement
– Engagement of Employees and Clients/Customers
– Organization Culture Best Practices
– Education Technology Implementation
– Conference/Event Coordination

See something not listed, but you think I’d be a good fit to help? Please let me know.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact me to let me know what type of project, PD, training or support you are looking for along with your goals and how many people you’re thinking of.
  2. I’ll let you know if I’m the right fit for you and your organization or suggest someone else if I know a better fit.
  3. If it’s a go, we’ll set up a time to discuss more and work from there!

I look forward to working with you and your organization!


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